1. Is this an affordable process?

YES! We know that money does not grow on trees and have worked to establish a process that will be the most financially beneficial for you in the end. With the experience we have, we can manage your needs and desires so we come to an end-result everyone is thrilled with.

2. How soon should we contact someone to book a free consultation?

Today, our install dates fill up faster than you think. Baker Design Group does all of our purchasing in January. The sooner you book the better options you have on dates and on design pallets.

3. Will you give me choices?

YES! We will often bring a few palette options and/or discuss design ideas at the time of your initial consultation. Depending on the scope of the job we will come back and present a more final Christmas design plan.

4. If we have a family tree, can we decorate that and have BDG decorate the rest of our home?

Yes! We have several clients that have trees that they like to decorate with the family and then have us come in and decorate everything else along with any other trees you might want a designers touch on.

5. Can we just have our Christmas décor installed but not taken down?

Yes! The prices for both services are separate. We quote both services at the time of initial consultation.

6. What all is involved with your take-down service?

We have a large crew come out to take down all your Christmas décor. We bring wrapping supplies and storage containers if needed. Everything is very well organized, clearly labeled and carefully packed away in your desired space.

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