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What's Included:

  • All items are custom made for your space and then shipped or delivered to you, ready for you to install
  • All ornamentation is shatterproof and fully prepped with ornament hanging wires to easily install and takedown
  • Lights on trees and garlands are commercial grade low voltage incandescent or LED powered lights
  • Ribbon and bows are pre-made with wires to easily install on your tree
  • How-to guide and decorating video that includes all of our designer’s special tips to help make your installation as seamless and beautiful as ever

Christmas Tree Fullness Guide:


4-5 Variations of ornaments
4-5 Variations of sprays
2-3 Bolts of ribbon
1- Tree Skirt


5-6 Variations of ornaments
5-6 Variations of sprays
3-4 Bolts of ribbon
1- Tree Skirt


7-8 Variations of ornaments
6-8 Variations of sprays
4 Bolts of ribbon
1- Tree Skirt

Garland Fullness Guide:


Simple ornamentation and ribbon


Ornamentation, ribbon, and decorative sprays


Full ornamentation, decorative florals, sprays, and ribbon

Garland Measurement Guide:

Measure from bottom of staircase all the way up until you reach the end of the railing on the second floor. If you are NOT wanting to swoop then take your length and divide it by 9′. This will tell you how many garlands you will need. If you want to swoop it then multiply that number by .3 and then divide by 9′. This will tell you how many garlands you need for the first side. Repeat for the second side of railing to figure out how many garlands you need for the other side. Typical staircases needs around 4-5 garalnds.

How To Install Your Christmas in a Box:

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